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Super-resolution visualization for understanding Big Data
Speaker:Prof. Charles K. CHUI
Department of Statistics
Stanford University
Date & Time:24 Oct 2017 (Tuesday) 10:30 - 12:30
Organized by:Department of Mathematics


Big Data have been and will continue to be generated in rapidly increasing volumes and complexity everywhere, and by just about everything around us. On the hand, raw data, with minimum processing, preserves the integrity of data information, and is particularly essential in medical practice as well as for modern biology and biomedical research endeavor. With the recent exciting advancement of fluorescence microscopy, visualization of such data, even well below the hundredth nanometer scale, is achievable, overcoming the Rayleigh criterion on diffracted light barrier. This is coined "super-resolution”. In these lectures, we will first describe the background and development of this fascinating subject and then briefly present and compare two current mathematical approaches, including my own recent joint work with Hrushikesh Mhaskar. Applications ranging from cell biology, healthcare, to observing the birth of the first stars will also be discussed.


Prof. Charles K. Chui was awarded his PhD at University of Wisconsin-Madison, and is now a professor at Stanford University. Prof. Chui’s research interests include Computational and Applied Harmonic Analysis, etc. His works have been published in international journals including ]. Applied Numerical Mathematics, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society and so on.