The 2012 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology

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 PDF version of the program booklet (verion 2) is now available. 


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Welcome to IAT 2012

A Special Event of the Alan Turing Year (Centenary of Alan Turing's birth)  as part of World Intelligence Congress 2012 including five intelligent informatics related conferences: Active Media Technology 2012 (AMT'12)Brain Informatics 2012 (BI'12)Methodologies for Intelligent Systems 2012 (ISMIS'12)IEEE/WIC/ACM Web Intelligence 2012 (WI'12), and IEEE/WIC/ACM Intelligent Agent Technology 2012 (IAT'12).

The congress includes five intelligent informatics related conferences co-located with the aim to facilitate interactions and idea exchange among researchers working on a variety of focused themes under a holistic vision for computing and intelligence in the post WWW era and to promote and expedite new innovations for areas under intelligent informatics.

IAT 2012 will provide a leading international forum to bring together researchers and practitioners from diverse fields, such as computer science, information technology, business, education, human factors, systems engineering, and robotics, to (1) examine the design principles and performance characteristics of various approaches in intelligent agent technology, and (2) increase the cross fertilization of ideas on the development of autonomous agents and multi-agent systems among different domains. By encouraging idea-sharing and discussions on the underlying logical, cognitive, physical, and sociological foundations as well as the enabling technologies of intelligent agents, IAT 2012 will foster the development of novel paradigms and advanced solutions in agent and multi-agent based computing. The joint organization of WI'12, IAT'12, BI'12, AMT'12, and ISMIS'12 provides an opportunity for technical and scientific collaboration beyond these distinct research communities.



  • The conference will take place at Fisherman's Wharf, Macau, China
  • Each day, either in the morning (before parallel meeting sessions begin) or just after the lunch hour, there will be a keynote presentation (plenary session) to all the attendance. Some keynote presentations will be held jointly with other conferences of the Congress. A rough plan is to have 2-3 joint keynote speakers, plus 2-3 WI related invited speakers and 2-3 IAT related invited speakers, respectively.
  • IAT'2012 also welcomes Workshop proposals. As an important part of the conference, IAT'2012 will include workshops providing in-depth background on subjects that are of broad interest to Intelligent Agent Technology community.  The workshop programs will focus on new research challenges, initiatives and applications.  All papers accepted for workshops will be included in the Workshop Proceedings published by the IEEE Computer Society Press.
  • IAT'2012 will be jointly held with the 2012 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI'2012) and co-located with AMT'2012, BI'2012, and ISMIS'2012 as a Congress, a Special Event of the Alan Turing Year (Centenary of Alan Turing's birth).  The Congress will have a joint opening, keynotes, reception and banquet.




Turing Keynote Speaker
WIC Keynote Speakers
IAT keynote
Sven Koenig
WI keynote
Eunice Santos
BI keynote
Jianhua Ma
AMT keynote
Sankar Pal
ISMIS keynote
Alfred Kobsa